Birding drive or walk

Birding is the challenge or skill of finding, identifying birds and involves knowledge about habitat, plumage and shape of a bird. To experience birding at its best, bring along your binoculars and camera to get a big crispy clear picture of our indigenous birds.

According to distribution maps we have +- 300 bird species available to spot, such as the Emerald-spotted Wood Dove, the Crimson breasted and the White-tailed Shrike and depending on the season, the beautiful Lilac-breasted roller, as well as various Cuckoo, bee-eaters and many more.

Upon your arrival, we guarantee that you will experience peace,  beauty of nature, birds and wildlife roaming free in their natural habitat. The reserve is paradise on earth, where you will experience different kinds of wildlife and birds, such as the Kori Bustard, Emerald-Spotted Wood Dove, Crimson-breasted & White-tailed Shrike and many more.

There are many advantages to birding, our guests can learn about promoting conservation, different types of birds, how to connect with nature, and make great bird enthusiast friends.

Children can also benefit from birding and learn interesting facts and important skills. Kids will learn and appreciate diversity while learning the importance of being environmentally responsible.

As you walk through our Namibian wilderness, you will encounter our breathtaking indigenous plant life and feel enveloped in the wonder of our birds’ natural habitat. Discover firsthand the beauty of our feathered friends. The distance and duration of the walk are dependent on the guests' preferences and weather.

The birding walk can accommodate a maximum of 8 people. Bookings can be done via Nightsbridge prior to arrival. The birding walk is great for all ages to enjoy. Each safari drive is equipped with a trained and knowledgeable guide. Our safari drives cater for every age; however, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Each safari drive is equipped with a trained and knowledgeable guide.

Bookings for this experience must be done prior to arrival on NightsBridge. Add this experience to your booking once you have selected your accommodation on our online booking system.


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