Kifaru Lodge Experiences - Rhino Tracking

Rhino tracking by foot

Join our rangers and learn how to track a rhino in the Namibian bushveld. Each rhino will be viewed from a safe distance and approached with the greatest of caution. This once in a lifetime opportunity will get you up close and personal with these magnificent mammals without them even knowing you are there.

Rhinos may not be all you spot, keep an eye out for the Hartman’s Zebra, Giraffe, cheetah, Eland or you may encounter a Hyena or Aardvark. On your trail, don’t forget to look up to see our beautiful array of birds, with over 300 species, you will be spoilt with the view.

While tracking one of Namibia’s big five, your guide will show you what to look for, what to do when tracking any animal, tips and tricks on great tracking methods and best of all, you can get an up close and personal, while remaining at a safe distance, with the rhino. Experience our beautiful rhinos in their natural habitat and observe their behavior like you have never done before. What to bring?

To get the most out of your rhino tracking experience, you will need to be fit, comfortable and prepared. Tracking a rhino can take anything for 1-8 hours of walking, they are wild and free and we first have to pick up fresh enough tracks, and then follow them, a sighting is not 100% guaranteed but we try our best. We supply a small backpack if you do not have one to take with water and some snacks for the walk. Wear practical clothing, long pants, neutral colours to blend in and something warm for late afternoon and evenings and most importantly, your walking shoes. Is it safe?