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Kifaru Luxury Lodge

For an exclusive Namibian safari experience,
look no further than Kifaru Luxury Lodge & Bush Camp.

Our safari paradise offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in utter tranquillity. Embraced by the beautiful bushveld and exquisite African sunsets, Kifaru offers an atmosphere of seclusion. The lodge stands proudly upon the beautifully weathered landscape. Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, lit by the stars and the moon.



Discover rejuvenating comfort in the Namibian wilderness

Our chalets are carefully situated to give our guests the privacy they need to relax, revitalize and enjoy the sanctuary of the Namibian bushveld. Choose from our deluxe range of tented chalets and be surrounded by endless views and tranquillity.



Experience the comfort and luxury of Kifaru Luxury Tented Lodge

Enjoy all the comforts of home with our very own restaurant, bar, swimming pool, laundry service and Wi-Fi internet access.


Explore our generous landscape and feel the magic of the Namibian bushveld. Whether it’s by foot or a 4X4, all our experiences have been carefully crafted with our guests in mind, ensuring the highest standards of safety and knowledgeable guides for each adventure.  Learn how our miraculous ecosystem survives and what an important role every little organism has in it, while making memories for years to come.

Kifaru Namibian Wildlife

Birding drive or walk

Birding is the challenge or skill of finding, identifying birds and involves knowledge about habitat, plumage and shape of a bird. To experience birding at its best, bring along your binoculars and camera to get a big crispy clear picture of our indigenous birds. According to distribution maps we have +- 300 bird species available…
Kifaru Hide

Game viewing from elevated blind

Get a bird’s eye view of Kifaru, while admiring all our birders paradise has to offer. Situated at one of our waterholes, enjoy the peaceful tranquillity and watch without disturbing, the animals & birds that come to drink and cool down. Get enveloped in the silence and sounds of the bush, relax and take in…

Guided Nature Walks

Walk the Namibian bushveld by foot, at Kifaru Reserve and enthrall all your senses by touching, smelling, seeing and hearing the magnificent sounds of nature. Experience firsthand our animals’ natural habitat and how they survive. With over 60 species of mammals and 300 bird species, you are assured to encounter zebras, giraffes, elands, hyenas and…
Kifaru Lodge Experiences - Game Drive

Nature Drive

Get closer to magnificent African wildlife than you have ever before. Embark on an adventure of a lifetime, exploring all the Namibian bushveld has to offer. Choose from a Nature Drive or a visit to the Rhino Momma Project or book a private nature drive for you and your friends. With the variety of fauna…
Kifaru Namibian Wildlife

Photo Safari Experience

Capture your once in a lifetime experience through the lens of your very own camera. Led by our fully qualified and experienced guide, our guests will be able to immerse themselves in the extraordinary Namibian vegetation, while taking breathtaking photographs of our magnificent fauna and flora. With over 60 species of mammals and 300 species…
Kifaru Lodge Experiences - Rhino Tracking

Rhino tracking by foot

Join our rangers and learn how to track a rhino in the Namibian bushveld. Each rhino will be viewed from a safe distance and approached with the greatest of caution. This once in a lifetime opportunity will get you up close and personal with these magnificent mammals without them even knowing you are there. Rhinos…



Rhino Momma Project

The Rhino Momma project is a Namibian Rhino Conservation, that fights against rhino poaching and the conservation of our majestic white and black rhino species. The project strives to conserve these mammals who are on the brink of extinction. They have created a safe space for the rhinos. The vision and mission of the Rhino Momma Project is to repopulate Namibia and the rest of Africa.

Rhino Momma gives ordinary people the opportunity to sponsor, adopt or buy a rhino. The money collected is used to care for the rhinos and to continue their efforts in saving the species.

Book a visit to The Rhino Momma Project, the location is not disclosed but we have the privilege to take our guests to them to experience the important work that they are doing for rhino conservation.  A non-disclosure document must be signed before-hand by all guests visiting them.

Donate towards Rhino Momma Project

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