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Rhino dehorning is sadly a precautionary measure to take in the on-going fight against poaching.

During the process a substantial percentage of the horn is removed. The hope is that this will deter poachers and reduce the threat against our rhinos. While we hope to see a world where rhinos can roam freely without threat, this is not the current reality that we are faced with. In order to continue with the Rhino Momma Project dehorning initiative we are inviting conservation enthusiasts to join us for a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part the rhino capture and dehorning experience.

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About the Experience

The dehorning process does NOT harm the Rhinos. Great care is taken to reduce the stress of the animal. We have a skilled team of professionals involved in the task so as to ensure that the dehorning is done safely and effectively. The conservation experience is only available at certain times of the year for a minimum of 6 guests.

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About Rhino Momma

The Rhino Momma Project is dedicated to the care and repopulation of the Rhino species in Southern Africa. In order to achieve these goals we routinely dehorn our rhinos to reduce the risk of poaching and to prioritise the safety of our animals. Kifaru Luxury Lodge is the proud lodge representative of the program. The project is based at an undisclosed location and guests will be transported to the reserve for the experience.


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